Friday, January 18, 2008

Nuclear Medicine Visit At Emory

Today, I met with Dr. Halkar. He is in Nuclear Medicine at Emory. This is in the basement. Probably because they need lead lined walls. No cell phone and no Internet gets down there--bummer. I take my cell and computer everywhere. Look at all the people sitting there for hours, watching game shows. I take my computer--I can watch my TV from home on my computer (, chat with the office or I can do work, or both, or all three, which is my style. You can bury my computer with me, if I don't make it. Just run the extension cord out through the top please.

Anyway, think about when you see a doctor. You see one doctor. You take what he tells you and you do it. I think Dr. Halkar is my 6th doctor involved in my cancer. He is a reality guy, like me. "Steve, I don't know if you will live 2 years or 50. It depends on how bad your cancer is". Other doctors want to tell you the optimistic news, and then hit you if something is not good. Dr. Grist did this. He told my family that it was probably benign and to relax "we got it all". Then the biopsy comes in and it says it is a giant tumor of a rare variety. Bad news.

So, Dr. Halkar was a reality check. I go up and down. One day, I feel inside I am going to live to be 100. Other days, I just know my body is full of cancer, and I will be at MD Anderson next month and taking my around the world cruise this year, waiting for the lights to go out. Dr. Halkar is a scientist, with an MD degree. He is not lacking in bedside manner--in fact he was very kind. At this appointment, he just talked. No tests. Just got to know me and answer my questions. Good guy.

He did say that I was "prime" for the radioactive iodine. Now. Remember, the endocrinologist guessed I was at "27" and needed to be at "30". Well, the blood test from Wednesday (today is Friday) said I was above 50. Ready to suck in that radioactive nuclear bomb. But, what about my diet. It has not been two weeks. Dr. Halkar said it is fine. With my TSH at 50+, it will be fine. Just lay off the iodine for another 1.5 weeks--through the scan, and after the therapeutic dose of iodine. Next appointment is Tuesday to take a tracer dose of radiation.