Monday, December 10, 2007

Starting to get angry

I am angry that I am in this situation. I keep questioning why my internist, Dr. James Capo, did not check my thyroid at any one of my visits over the past several years.

  • If he had felt it, it could have been removed when it was smaller.
  • If it had been removed several years ago, there is a lower chance that it would be cancerous.
  • If it is cancer, and it had been sitting there for several years, there is a greater chance that the cancer would spread.

My job is not to remind my physician what to do when I see him. After reading a lot of medical journals, it should be obvious that the thyroid should be checked. Several family members were patients of Dr. Capo. All have decided to no longer use him because he missed checking my thyroid and they question, what else he might miss.