Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pathology Results

Everyone had heard good news after the surgery. If there was anyway to describe a "good" tumor, the tumor that came out of me looked benign to the surgeon.

It has been four days since the surgery. The call that we expected was that the pathology report showed no evidence of cancer. This is what we had believed for three weeks. I could look forward, with a future, thinking about long term goals. I was feeling like I dodged a bullet. and just had an enlarged thyroid. f

On the fourth day, Dr. Grist called and said the results from the pathology report did show cancer--Hurthle cell cancer.

He said that I should see him on the 3rd of January to talk about treatment, which would initially be radioactive. He would want to put me in touch with an endocrinologist and a radiologist at Emory to work with me. Merry Christmas.