Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finding a Surgeon

Atlanta is full of medical facilities, but not many facilities that have a "team" approach. Instead, most doctors within a physician practice and even at hospitals work as separate individuals, not in partnership.

Dr. Wotten referred me to a surgeon at another office to do a total thyroidectomy. The first step was to meet the surgeon and discuss the surgery. One important statement that Dr. Wotten made was "you need to schedule the surgery sooner than later". This make sense. I have cancer growing in my body that can spread at any time, if it has not already.

Suddenly, my thyroid became an alien part of me. Instead of being "my thyroid", it was something separate--"that thing" that I need to get out of me. "Get this thing out of me!" (not humorously) was what I am constantly thinking.

I called the surgeon recommended by Dr. Wotten. He was happy to see me, but his surgery schedule would not allow me to have the surgery until the first or second week in January. Too far off for me. Who wants a blob of life-threatening cancer blossoming in the body for that long. Certainly, not me.

My mom knew a doctor at Emory University Hospital who knew who to call at Emory. The surgeon's name was Dr. William (Bill) Grist. I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Grist for next Tuesday, November 20th. At least now, I had a plan in place. I was hopeful that Dr. Grist's schedule would allow a quick surgery.