Wednesday, November 14, 2007

False Alarm--Phone call

It had been several days since the biopsy. A normal biopsy takes a day or two at the most. However, Dr. Wotten said he used a single individual for their entire medical practice, and he would take his time, and sometime was behind.

It was Wednesday afternoon at about 6:15. I was sitting around the kitchen table trying to eat a five minute dinner, which is normal when you have two young kids, ages 2 and 4. Never time to chew--just to swallow. I used my cell phone as my main form of communication. As I mentioned, it had been several days since the biopsy, so I really was not expecting a call. Maddie and Allie, as usual, were very noisy at the table. My phone rang and I looked at the number, not recognizing it. I thought it might be a client or prospective client, so I just ignored the call. Later that night, I listened to the voice mail message, and yes--it was Dr. Wotten, saying he had my results. Aaarrgghh!!!! I missed the call. I was pretty mad that I did not take the call earlier. Now, I had to wonder all night, knowing that Dr. Wotten had my results, and that I would not find out until the next morning.

But.... I started thinking--- OK. If it was bad, his assistant would probably have called and asked me to come in to review the results. She could then play dumb about knowing what the results were. If the biopsy results were bad, Dr. Wotten would not have called. He would never have told me on the phone that I had cancer. That's just now how I had seen it done in the movies or on TV. The cancer talk takes place face-to-face. I was beginning to feel relieved.