Friday, December 14, 2007

After surgery

It was a great feeling just waking up in the recovery room. My fears about not waking up, proved to be just fears.

There was a little discomfort in my neck, but the largest pain was running all the way across my chest.

The anesthesiologist and the surgeon, Dr. Grist, talked to me in the recovery room, but because they both had on a mask and hairnet, I could not tell who was who. I was also still under the influence of the anesthesia, so things were a little fuzzy.

They rolled me out of the recovery room and into my own room--I don't remember much about this time.

I still had pains in my chest so they took a chest X-ray and then took my down to have an CT scan of the neck area. The CT scan was painful because the technician was not aware that I had just had surgery. I had to move to the CT table mostly by myself and I had to lay down with my head level, which was very painful.